Carbon Neutral in 30min

You have probably heard of Global Warming by now and may be wondering about whether or not it is fair dinkum€ and then if it is €œwhat can be done? At my company we decided if it isn’€™t a problem now then common sense says it will be for our kids so we decided we would make our business Carbon Neutral.

 It took us under half an hour and a few phone calls. Here is what we did.

  1.      Go to

2.      Spend 5 mins entering a few numbers to determine your annual tonnage of green house gas generation.

3.      We added a few extra tonnes just to make sure and settled on 40 tonnes p.a.

4.      Go to

5.      Type in your tonnage and buy some carbon offset credits it cost us just under AUD$900 (inc GST) for 12 months of credits.

 There, done.

 If you want to get a little more serious, try these steps

  1.      Call your energy provider and switch to green energy its cheap really

2.      Use an ethanol blend fuel it generates less nasties than conventional fuel

3.      Make you next company car a low Green House Gas generator, we are.

While much more needs to be done, individuals and businesses can take action now to help save our planet and leave the next generation a world that is as wonderful as the one we enjoy.


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