The Business of Hockey

One of the purposes of competitive Hockey, indeed the only purpose according to some, is to win. In order to do this, coaches and players need to be aligned as to margin of the win, their capability as players, the equipment they use, the ability of their competition, crowd support, or lack there of, and how the ref’s will apply the rules of the game in the heat of competition. Sport can provide a meaningful metaphor for Business practise. In order for a Business to succeed, the management and employees need to understand their objectives and be able to articulate these objectives in clear and concise terms so that these objectives are both actionable and measurable.  Vis – bang that puck into the net! The capability of the business needs to be understood, competitor ability and community (read crowd) support, or otherwise,  for activities of the Business is important, equipment (brains in a service Business or plant in a non service Business) needs to help win the game and government rules and their impact on commercial success, needs to been taken into account. Imagine the impact of government policy on business energy use arising from “peak oil” and “global warming” over the next 2 years much less 10. Boy, does this create new opportunities for winners and losers, Only when these matters are widely understood and accepted can the the strategies and actions be developed and implemented to win the commercial game. This lot is best wrapped up in the development and implementation of your Business Plan. I wonder how many organisations use the Business Planning process to the same degree of effectivness as the Stanley or Goodall Cup winners?….. Hockey homework gentle reader?  


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