Internet Trends – Increase your Hits

While its been around for while, Google Trends, is an analytical tool that helps you understand the degree of interest in any search topic on the internet. The tool shows the region performing the search, enables comparitive searches with up to 5 terms, shows languages used for search and shows search information graphically. The tool can be used for a number purpoces  1. Understand relative popularity of a topic – Blog/publish on these topics to increase probability of hits 2. Understand sustainability of a topic – compare the search terms “Steel”, “Peak Oil” and “Steve Irwin” 3. Understand what articles drove peak search activity – analysis of these articles starts to reveal characteristics that may have contributed to their popularity – for example was it the title or content, what aspect of title or content may have been effective. There are may other research and publication uses. Play with the tool and share the uses you have developed. Happy Googling ….gallp13    


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